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Wound Care

     Podiatrists are the main providers when it comes to wound care. They often are the first people to recognize the presence of or the impending formation of a limb and life-threatening wound. A lower extremity examination by a podiatrist consists of 4 focus points which are vascular, dermatologic, orthopedic, and neurologic. An assessment that contains these 4 focal points is essential to properly treat a lower extremity wound. Wound care is essential to healing and supports successful treatment and prevents the need for amputations. It is crucial to healing of diabetic, neuropathic, and other plantar foot ulcers. 

     If you have a wound that you would like to get treated, you can visit us at our clinic! Our treatments elegantly combine medical care and beauty, and all of our instruments are sterilized between every use as they would be for surgery. We use EPA-registered hospital disinfectants, and our sanitation procedures meet or exceed OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards for maintaining a clean environment and preventing the spread of germs and disease. 

     At Brand New feet, a medical nail care expert, who understands the anatomy and structure of the foot an diseases of the skin and nails will pamper your feet under the supervision of a Board qualified Podiatrist. 

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