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Diabetic Foot Care

     Patients with diabetes are at a higher risk for a variety of foot health issues. To prevent these issues, or to get them under control, a routine diabetic foot check up is necessary. A diabetic foot exam checks for infections, injury, bone abnormalities, nerve damage, blood flow, and ingrown toenails. If you have diabetes, you can receive comprehensive diabetic foot care and limb preservation management at Brand New Feet Medical Spa.

     Our in office medical pedicures are also perfect for our patients who have diabetes. This sanitary and soak-less pedicure is designed to provide the utmost protection against water borne bacteria. A series of essential oil infused hot towels, emollients and autoclaved implements result in a purely relaxing and medically safe pedicure.

      Appointments for Medical Pedicures includes a brief foot examination. Our medical nail care experts will offer additional information for proper care. A pedicure is performed based on the direction of our physician.

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