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  • What Is Brand New Feet?
    We are the only Foot Care Medical Pedicure Spa in New Orleans solely dedicated to cosmetic treatment of the feet. Owned, operated, & supervised by licensed podiatrist Gabrielle Clark, Brand New Feet is New Orleans’ first medical foot spa. Every aspect of care at Brand New feet is overseen by a podiatrist with years of training and medical experience. Our carefully trained spa professionals and nail care experts work side by side with Dr. Clark to improve your health and wellness. Clients with special concerns, such as diabetes or circulatory problems, can be sure that they are receiving the safest and highest quality care available.
  • Do you accept cash payments?
  • Do you accept insurance? What insurance is accepted?
    Yes, we do accept insurance for Non- Cosmetic Visits. Insurance is not accepted for Cosmetic Medical Pedicures Insurance Accepted : Humana,Cigna, Medicare, Wellcare, People's Health, Multiplan,Dignity,United Healthcare,Blue Cross Blue Shield,The Health Plan, Tricare, Vantage, UMR, Ambetter. Medicaid Accepted : Healthy Blue , Aetna, United HealthCare,Humana,Louisiana HealthCare Connections and Amerihealth
  • Do you take walk-ins, at risk clients, or clients with infections?"
    As a nail salon designed by medical professionals, We are committed to the highest standards of hygienic nail care. We also have our podiatrist on staff, who is a foot and ankle physician should we need assistance. Yes, we do welcome “at risk” clients! This simply means that we welcome patients with diabetes, circulation problems, and autoimmune disorders. We offer a safe place to get a pedicure for everyone! Our clinical nail salon offers a healthy alternative to pedicures as a cosmetic service. While ideal for our clients that come to us because of risk of infection, or damage from fungus or trauma, it is simply a safe alternative to a traditional salon environment for anyone.  We are proud to feature Footacular antifungal products in our medical pedicures containing uniquelyherbal plant extracts – all hand selected to guarantee their highest quality and benefits.  Our Medical Nail Technicians are trained to trim toenails as well as perform cosmetic reduction of thickened toenails, calluses and corns. They provide these foot care services to safety-conscience clients and those who are at greater risk of infection, including those with diabetes, poor circulation or impaired feeling in the feet. Depending on the schedule for the day, walk-in appointments pay be permitted. For a gaurenteed spot in our clinic, an appointment is highly suggested.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    To cancel or reschedule please contact us within 4 hours of your scheduled appointment. If you do not cancel prior to your appointment time or arrive more than 20 minutes late you will be charged $50. We do NOT offer refunds under any circumstances. We can offer a gift card/store credit for the amount purchased. The gift card may be gifted to a friend or used for future purchases.
  • Which products do you use?
    Our custom-formulated treatment and physician formulated antifulngal nail care products are exclusive to Brand New Feet Costmetic Footcare & Medi Spa. We use the finest quality ingredients in professional strength formulas. Our licensed and specially trained staff will give your feet a facial to make your face jealous! Dr. Gabrielle Clark, as the physician owner of Brand New feet Medi Spa, is committed to providing medically autoclaved and disposable instruments for nail care with all patients. There will never be cross contamination in our spa. We use sanitized foot bowls instead of a circulating water chair to prevent risk of waterborne nail and skin infections. We are comfortable taking care of all clients even those with diabetes, neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease, which is how Brand New feet Medical Spa of New Orleans easily distinguishes itself from other nail salons.
  • Which instruments do you use? Are they sterilized?
    Our treatments elegantly combine medical care and beauty, and all of our instruments are sterilized between every use as they would be for surgery. You can relax and rest easy at Brand New Feet. There is no worry of infection or disease here. We use EPA-registered hospital disinfectants, and our sanitation procedures meet or exceed OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards for maintaining a clean environment and preventing the spread of germs and disease. Our instruments are sterilized using the same techniques a hospital uses to sterilize surgical instruments.
  • What is a medical pedicure?
    This form of pedicure is the safer, cleaner, and healthier alternative to nail salons.  The pedicures are performed under the supervision of our podiatrist.  Everything is either disposable or sterilized to surgical sterility, to ensure that you are getting a safe and sanitary pedicure.  The instruments are soaked in the Cidex sterile liquid, followed by autoclaving, thus they are sterilized twice.   A medical pedicure is a non-invasive, dry procedure performed by highly skilled foot care specialists who combine podiatry with nail care. Guaranteed to be safe and hygienic, it addresses issues such as: Athlete’s foot. Corns. Calluses. A medical pedicure focuses on the hygienic and aesthetics care of the toenails and the soles of the feet. This service is offered in a private setting, which helps promote safety and relaxation. A medical pedicure adheres to the highest levels of sanitation. Standards should exceed OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards for maintaining a clean environment and preventing the spread of germs, fungus and diseases.
  • Will my pedicure be covered by my insurance?
    Although insurance is accepted at Brand New Feet, your insurance will NOT cover for any pedicure services as pedicures are considered cosmetic. However, if you visit Brand New Feet due to foot pain, ankle pain, diabetic foot check up, or any other foot issues, your services should be covered by your insurance. A co-pay will be required.
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