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A nail salon designed by medical professionals. We are committed to the highest standards of hygienic nail care. We also have our podiatrist on staff, who is a foot and ankle physician should we need assistance. We welcome “at risk” clients, this simply means that we welcome people with diabetes, circulation problems, and autoimmune disorders. We offer a safe place to get a pedicure.

Our Medical Nail Technicians are trained to trim toenails as well as perform cosmetic reduction of thickened toenails, calluses and corns. They provide these foot care services to safety-conscience clients and those who are at greater risk of infection, including those with diabetes, poor circulation or impaired feeling in the feet. 


Areas of Expertise

Consultation With Dr. Clark 

     Consultations are a standard medical office visit. This is used for diagnosing and treating all foot & ankle conditions. Consultations are used for all surgical and non surgical procedures. Insurance will cover the cost of your consultation, but a co-pay may be requested by your insurance company. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Medicare, Peoples Health, United Healthcare and Well Care, are the only insurance companies that we accept at this time. Dr. Clark will create a customized treatment plan and prescribe home care programs to help manage the conditions you are experiencing.  Our industry-leading treatments and your prescribed home care programs will help you manage the conditions you are experiencing and bring you the healthiest feet and nails possible. Combine this consultation service with any of our medical spa treatments to have your feet looking and feeling beautiful! 

Fungal Nail Treatments and Pedicures

     Fungal nail treatments and pedicures are best for our patients with thick, discolored toenails, fungus, calluses/corns, and extremely dry and cracked heels! It includes a waterless medical pedicure to clean up the appearance of your feet. Medications may also be prescribed to help fight off the fungus. Our fungal pedicures always get same day results! You can check those out on the before and after page, or on our social media accounts!

Keryflex Nail Restoration 

     The KeryFlex nail is an immediate cosmetic improvement resulting in a natural-looking nail. It is unaffected by acetone or nail polishes. Typically done during a specialty medical nail pedicure, our team will provide a luxurious pedicure, taking care of your healthy nails and apply a KeryFlex nail to your damaged toenail.


This service is a wellness pedicure for clients experiencing medical concerns as related to the feet. Appointments for the Medical Pedicure may be scheduled when a staff doctor will be available for a foot examination and recommended treatment.  Our doctor will offer additional information for proper care. A pedicure is performed based on the direction of the physician. Special considerations may result in a customized pedicure with items such as a waterless (soakless) service, pedi prep callus removal, microdermabrasion, nail repair and artificial toenail application.  

This service is for people who have no fungal issues with their toenails or skin on their feet. This is a complete pedicure with exfoliation, hydration, hot towels and massage. One of our signature services, perfect for our discerning clients who may have a health circumstance (such as diabetes, foot injury, or toenail fungus), and would be best treated without a whirlpool soak. This sanitary and soak-less pedicure is designed to provide the utmost protection against water borne bacteria. A series of essential oil infused hot towels, emollients and autoclaved implements result in a purely relaxing and medically safe pedicure. 

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