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Our Story

      Brand New Feet was founded by
Dr. Gabrielle Clark. a licensed podiatric surgeon. She is a New Orleans Native, hardworker, and busy mom of two. With her years of studying, hard work, practice, and a little New Orleans style and flare, Gabrielle decided to create Brand New Feet as a way to give everyone the feet they desire, with the medical assistance they deserve.

      Our foot care services elegantly combine medicine and beauty in a private setting. We take away your worries of foot pain and having unsightly looking feet. You can kick back and relax here, at Brand New Feet.

      There is no worry of infection or disease at our clinic. We use EPA-registered hospital disinfectants, and our sanitation procedures meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards for maintaining a clean environment and preventing the spread of germs and disease. Our instruments are sterilized between every use just as they would be for surgery!

      Our medical foot care spa offers the same treatments and comforts offered in a Traditional spa with ONE KEY DIFFERENCE;

        — to be a LEGETIMATE MEDICAL SPA, a LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL, such a physician or nurse must reside on the premises and be actively involved in the client’s care.


      Not only do we offer medical-grade pedicures at Brand New Feet , our nail care experts can also apply an immediate natural nail restoration for those with fungal toenails.

      While under Dr. Clark's Fungal Nail Treatment Plan,  a temporary toenail can be applied to look like the real thing! 

      Our Medical Nail Care Experts understand the anatomy and structure of feet, diseases of the skin and nails which effect the feet, and will properly pamper your feet under a Podiatrist's order . 

Education & Training

Dr. Gabrielle Clark graduated from Louisiana State University A&M with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology Pre- Medicine and Concentration in Human Movement. She earned her medical degree in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at Barry University College of Podiatric Medicine in Miami Shores, Florida. She continued her education with a three year Foot & Ankle Surgery Residency in Mineola, New York at a highly academic program of NYU Winthrop Hospital where she was appointed Chief Resident in her final year.

     Dr. Clark has comprehensive training in Podiatry Medicine, Surgical Wound Care, Dermatology, & Reconstructive Rearfoot & Ankle Surgery. She also is trained in advanced non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments of common foot and ankle conditions. She has an interest in natural healing and Cosmetic Foot care which is why she founded Nola’s first Medical Foot Spa, Brand New Feet! 

Meet The Team


Diondra Pearl, CMNT
*LEAD Medical Assistant
*Certified Medical Nail Tech
*Nail Restoration Expert


Ms. Gail


DeJon Smith, CMNT
*Medical Assistant
*Certified Medical Nail Tech
*Nail Restoration Expert

*Medical Assistant 


NatKeisha Evans, CMNT
*Medical Assistant
*Certified Medical Nail Tech
*Nail Restoration Expert

*Assistant Office Manager 


Ms. Joany

*Medical Assistant 

Diamond  B.


Ms. Pat

*Front Receptionist 


*Medical Assistant

LaFeet Foot and Ankle

"Our Sister Company."

We would like to introduce you to our sister company and their website. LaFeet Foot & Ankle Center is centered around more extensive surgical care. 

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