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Orthotic Shoe Inserts  and  Diabetic Shoes

     Orthotics are special shoe or heel inserts that are prescribed by a podiatrist and are custom made specifically for your needs. They may be prescribed to treat foot, leg, or back pain and discomfort. Orthotic inserts can aid in correcting foot deformities, providing ankle support, helping the foot or ankle to function better, and reducing the risk of further injury. Orthotics can help relieve pain in patients with arthritis, back pain, bunions, bursitis, hammer toes, flat feet, diabetes, heel spurs, high arches, plantar fasciitis, and patients who have experienced trauma to their feet and ankles. 

     Diabetics sometimes experience decreased sensation and restricted blood flow in their feet because of nerve disease and peripheral arterial disease. These two conditions combined can cause ulcers and infections which may lead to amputations. The good news is that amputations can be prevented by regular visits to your podiatrist, preventative care, and most importantly, proper footwear. A proper diabetic shoe provides comfort and protection. They keep ulcers from forming and prevents foot strains and calluses.

     Recommendations are made by Dr. Clark at your visit to the clinic! If you are unsure about your needs, its best to always follow up with your podiatrist.

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