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Corns and Calluses

     Corns are a small, hardened, raised bump with a hard center which is surrounded by inflamed skin. Corns mostly develop on areas of your feet that don't bear weight such as the top and sides of your feet and toes. They can sometimes even develop in between the toes. Although corns appear in areas that don't bear the most weight, they can also appear on areas of the foot that does bear weight such as the ball and heels of your feet.

     Calluses are a thick, rough, flaky and dry area of the skin. They usually appear on the soles of your feet, especially on the heel and ball. Calluses can also appear on your palms and on your knees. Calluses vary in size, but are often larger than corns. 

     Pressure and friction are the main causes of both calluses and corns. Wearing ill-fitted shoes and not wearing socks are the main sources of corn and callus growth. To prevent corns and calluses, you should wear shoes that fir your foot properly and gives them moving room and use protective coverings such as socks. 

     If you notice any symptoms of corns and/or calluses, you can visit us at our clinic, and we can make your feet look and feel Brand New in no time! 

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