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Fungal Pedicures

     Fungal nails are thick, discolored nails. If you notice a change in the color or texture of your nails, you can consult with Dr. Clark for a customized treatment plan that is the best way for you to manage your fungal nail condition. At the consultation, you'll discuss oral and topical treatment options. Or you can simply schedule a regular appointment wihith our certified medical nail techs for a fungal medical pedicure.

     This service combines the podiatric treatment for thickened nails with our medical pedicure and natural nail treatment. Our medical nail tech will reduce the thickness of your nails and then add the luxury of a natural clean pedicure with therapeutic cuticle oil, aitifungal oil, brand new foot butter and moisturizing massage. 

     Our clinical nail salon offers a healthy alternative to pedicures as a cosmetic service. While ideal for our clients that come to us because of risk of infection, or damage from fungus or trauma, it is simply a safe alternative to a traditional salon environment for anyone.  

     We are proud to feature Footacular Anti-fungal products in our medical pedicures which contains uniquely herbal plant extracts – all hand selected to guarantee their highest quality and benefits.

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