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Medical Pedicures

     This form of pedicure is the safer, cleaner, and healthier alternative to nail salons. The pedicures are performed under the supervision of our podiatrist, Dr. Clark. Everything we use in our clinic is either disposable or sterilized to surgical sterility, to ensure that you are getting a safe and sanitary pedicure. After use, the instruments are soaked in the Cidex sterile liquid, followed by autoclaving, meaning that they have been sterilized twice.

     This service is a wellness pedicure for clients experiencing medical concerns as related to the feet. Appointments for the Medical Pedicure may be scheduled when a staff doctor will be available for a foot examination and recommended treatment. Our doctor will offer additional information for proper care. A pedicure is performed based on the direction of the physician. Special considerations may result in a customized pedicure with items such as a waterless (soakless) service, pedi prep callus removal, microdermabrasion, and nail repair.  

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