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Brand New Feet

NOLA’s 1st Medical Foot Care Spa

*For medical appointments covered by insurance with doctor please contact the office*

Operating Room

We Treat:
-Patients with Diabetes
-Patients with history of chemotherapy or radiation treatment
--Patients with Poor blood circulation
-patients with wounds or post-surgical 
-infections and immunocompromised individuals 
-Oddly Shaped, Ugly, Thick, Discolored Nails
-Fungal ToeNails
-Painful Ingrown Toenails
-Dry Cracked Heels
-Corns, Calluses, Dead Skin
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Wound Care
-Any Foot & Ankle Dermatological concerns

Our Promise

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 As New Orleans first medical spa, our mission is for you to feel just as amazing after the visit, than you did during. Our foot-care experts work with those whose lower legs and feet may need a little more love and attention to develop an at-home treatment plan personalized to the individual. With products carefully selected by our staff, paired with clear instructions and scheduled visits you'll be free of any discomfort, while looking as amazing as you feel.

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With health as our top priority, we can assure that each instrument that comes in contact with your skin and nails have been properly sterilized, every time. To ensure exceptional cleanliness, all the surfaces you touch, from chairs in the waiting room & treatment rooms to the soaking bowls, is thoroughly sanitized.

We use EPA-registered hospital disinfectants, and our sanitation procedure meets or exceeds OSHA guidelines.

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 Clients with special concerns, such as diabetes or circulatory problems, can be sure that they are receiving the safest and highest quality care available!

About Dr. Clark


     Brand New Feet was founded by Gabrielle Clark, DPM. a Board Certified Podiatrist, Foot & Ankle Surgeon. She is a New Orleans Native, hard worker, and busy mom of two. Our goal is to give our patients the medical attention they deserve while tailoring to their cosmetic needs. Our physician-owned Medical Spa is different from your typical Podiatry Office or Rusty Old pedicure salon.


At Brand New Feet you will get the ultimate foot spa experience tailored to aesthetics and foot cosmetics in a private setting. Our Spa is safe for immunocompromised individuals as we keep pur instruments and supplies clean and sterile.

     We aim to provide professional services and manufacture therapeutic products to get you showing off your Brand New Feet in No Time!

     So let us treat the cosmetic appearance of your discolored toenails, painful ingrown, dry cracked heels, and repair nail bed trauma while you sit back and relax.

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