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Brand New Feet No More Callus Removal Kit

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Product Details

Our Brand New Feet Callus Removal Kit is the Ultimate At-Home foot care regimen designed to keeping your feet looking and feeling Brand New.

This Kit Includes :

No More Callus Spray

No More Callus Cream

Apply to intact skin twice daily. Best if used immediately after showering.

For Callus, Thick dry cracked skin

Intensive Hydrating


Physician formulated

Podiatrist Recommend

1 Brand New Feet Soap Bar (kills bacteria and fungus, softens and smoothes skin, treats discoloration, moisturizes feet and eliminated foot odor)


The ultimate foot odor-eliminating, bacteria-killing , foot- freshening super spray. Shake thoroughly. Apply a few spritzes inside of your shoes, socks, or shoe cabinets to eliminate current odors and prevent odor from forming. Allow to air dry

Natural NON-Toxic fresh odor eliminating spray

Shoe Deodorizer

Eliminate Bad Odors

Reduces Fungal & Bacterial Organisms

1 pair of Exfoliating Gloves to help slough away callus build-up and lift up nail bed fungus

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